Repair Kits
Pro Windscreen Repair Kit
Glass Scratch Repair Kit
Headlight Restoration Kit
Plastic Scratch Repair Kit

Safe2Bond Resin - 3ml
Safe2Bond Resin - 5ml
Safe2Bond Resin - 50ml
Safe2Bond Pit Fill Resin - 5ml

UV Screencare Resin - 3ml
UV Screencare Resin - 5ml
UV Screencare Resin - 50ml
UV Screencare Pit Fill Resin - 5ml

Pit Polish - 5ml
Drill Burs (5 x pack)
Needle (each)
Syringe (each)
Razor Blades (5 x pack)
Curing Film (5 x pack)
Screw Injector
12v Drill and 2m Extension
Complete Bridge Assembly
UV Curing Lamp
UV Bulb
Safe2Bond Lamp
Safe2Bond Bulb
Mains Adaptor
Instruction Manual
Aluminium Case
Cantilever Box
Plastic Scratch Repair...
Plastic, Acylic and Plexiglass Scratch Repair Kit

By Hand
Removes scratches, abrasions and haziness from plastics, acrylic and fibre glass. Our hand kits are ideally used to repair scratches, haziness and marks from smaller items such as mobile phones, phones, PSP's, Motorcycle helmets, compact discs, CD roms and any other plastic or acrylic product. The kit contains full instructions and enough consumables for more than one repair.

With Drill
These kits are for the use with any standard power drill making repairs easier and faster than by hand. Kit contains full instructions and enough consumables for more than one repair. This 2"SOmm kit is ideally used to repair storm guards, plastic windows, motorcycles, boat windows, windshields, fibreglass, aquariums, airplane windows, microwave doors, acrylic, marine application, vehicle headlights, tubes and showers. The 3" 75mm kit is ideally used for larger repairs or larger areas.

Kit Contents
(including replacement prices)
Drill Chuck Adapter

3" (75mm) Spindle Backing Pad (Velcro)




Scratch removing Abrasives (Medium course)



Scratch removing Arasives (Fine)



Polishing Compound 100ml

£25.20 - 250ml


Polishing Felts Pad

£1.05 each




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