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Safe2Bond Resin - 3ml
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Safe2Bond Resin - 50ml
Safe2Bond Pit Fill Resin - 5ml

UV Screencare Resin - 3ml
UV Screencare Resin - 5ml
UV Screencare Resin - 50ml
UV Screencare Pit Fill Resin - 5ml

Pit Polish - 5ml
Drill Burs (5 x pack)
Needle (each)
Syringe (each)
Razor Blades (5 x pack)
Curing Film (5 x pack)
Screw Injector
12v Drill and 2m Extension
Complete Bridge Assembly
UV Curing Lamp
UV Bulb
Safe2Bond Lamp
Safe2Bond Bulb
Mains Adaptor
Instruction Manual
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Glass Scratch Repair...
Glass Scratch Repair Kit

These kits have been designed for use on all glass including: Car windscreens, car lights, sky lights, security windows, shop windows, domestic windows, patio doors, oven hobs, shower screens, glass tables, patio doors, double glazing, conservatories, public
transport, trains. If it’s glass, it will fix it.

These professional quality kits contain everything required for scratch repairs, graffiti, acid etching, water marks, acid stains, lime
scale deposits and polishing of glass.

This kit has been designed for use by glass repairers, builders, cleaning companies, car detailers, car care centres, SMART repair
professionals and any other business looking to add extra profit to their business.

These professional kits include a professional quality machine and carry case are ideally suited for the business person looking for add-on business. With the average repair for class being between £30 - £60 per hour and the hourly rate for other glass repairs such
as shop fronts being between £65 and £130 per hour. It is easy to see the potential of these kits.

These kits contain a five stage process thus being able to remove all scratches and scuffs including deep scratches from glass. These kits are for professional use only and will require before use but in no time you will be repairing all types of glass, the ideal solution
for professional repairs.


Kit Contents
(including replacement price)

Dust Mask - Part No: SC-DM



Abrasive Pads 2" (50mm)

£5.48 per pad of 5

Green = Course
Part No:SC-GCA/50
Pink = Medium
Part No:SC-PMCA/50
Blue = Fine
Part No:BFA/50
Orange = Ultra Fine
Part No:OUFA/50

5 of each

Abrasive Pads 3" (75mm)

£5.74 per pad of 5

Green = Course - Part No:SC-GCA/75
Pink = Medium Course - Part No:SC-PMCA/75
Blue = Fine - Part No:BFA/75
Orange = Ultra Fine - Part No:OUFA/75

5 of each

3" (75mm) Felt Pads - Part No:FP75
£1.05 each

2" (50mm) Felt Pads - Part No: FP50
£0.95 each

5 of each

3" (75mm) Backing Pad M14
Part No:SC-BP75
£8.00 each

2" (50mm) Self Stick PSA M14
Part No:SC-BP50
£7.00 each

2 of each

250ml Spray Bottle
Part No:SC-SB250


100ml Polishing Compound
Part No:SC-PC100

£24.00 - 250ml


Polishing Cloth
Part No:SC-PC

Drill Chuck Adapter
Part No:
  Instructions 1

Flex Glass Sander/Polisher


The Flex L1503VR powerful 10 Amps sander/polisher specially designed for work on glass. Is also an ideal polisher for cars.

All our technicians have worked with Flex machines over the years and have found them very reliable and easy to use. The light weight design of this model and the durability means you can use it all day long with no problems.

Model Number: L1503VR 230V


-Flex four-fold VR electronics with consistent speed control by tachometer generator, soft start, overload protection and speed selection
-Compact dimensions
-Spindle lock for easy disc changes
-Tool fixture M14 x 2 spindle thread
-Quality shut-off carbon brushes protects the motor against damage

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